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Campus Recruitment Training

Refreshing & Refining the skillsets, vital for an aspiring apprentice, to crack the initial evaluations of companies visiting their campus for the purpose of recruitment.

Technical Workshops

Simulated learning emphasizing on engaging the partakers to involve in collaborative and individual projects that are designed to enhance level of technical familiarity.   

Placement Drive Management

Collaborative initiatives with the campus in driving company specific programs from Training to Placement process. 

Corporate Training

Conducting need-based workshops to upskill the existing workforce and equip them with state-of-the-art dexterity to execute their everyday responsibilities.

Intellectual Training and Personality Development

Deliberations on the vastness of the power of knowing and embracing the understanding of the same into daily life to achieve a better self. 

Staffing Solutions

Delivering qualitative personnel to the job market for varied sectors. Creating varied employment negotiations based on needs of companies associated with.     

Software Research and Development

Designing client specific software, which are implementable and would enhance the efficiency in delivering its intent. Providing upgrades to existing systems to bring in intensity to performance. 


Creating platforms to visualise, ideate and bring in a combined effort to turn the same into reality. We appreciate the courage to dream and the will to build it and would like to associate ourselves in such splendid events.

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